Linebacker Cut by Ravens Found Dead - NBC 7 San Diego

Linebacker Cut by Ravens Found Dead

Iraq war vet arrested in Inner Harbor incident



    Linebacker Cut by Ravens Found Dead
    Tony Fein

    A linebacker and veteran of the Iraq war was found dead Tuesday morning in Port Orchard, Wash.

    Tony Fein spent preseason with the Ravens but was cut on Sept. 5. A couple of weeks earlier, he was arrested in an incident at Inner Harbor, the Baltimore Sun reported.

    Fein's death came one day before he was due to appear in Baltimore District Court to face charges that he assaulted a city police officer investigating a report that a gun -- later determined to be a cell phone -- had been passed between a group of Ravens players having a meal at the Inner Harbor.

    Fein's agent called it a case of racial profiling.

    Fein was found face down and unconscious in a friend's living room at about 8:50 a.m.

    Fein had been notified that the charges were going to be dropped Wednesday, according to the State's Attorney's Office.

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