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LT's Glide, Jets' Drive



    LT's Glide, Jets' Drive

    The video "LT Dance" posted to YouTube the week before the big playoff game between the Chargers and the New York Jets may have been just the thing to push the visiting team to a victory, according to a published report. 

    Newsday quotes Jets player Shaun Ellis as saying the video, which shows star running back LaDainian Tomlinson in a white suit dancing and singing about how he "reads the defense", motivated the Jets to make sure LT didn't gain yardage any time he touched the ball.

    "That's something that motivated us all week, like he was already writing the 'Super Bowl Shuffle,' his version of 'The Super Bowl Shuffle'" Shaun Ellis said.

    The Jets not only talked about it with Tomlinson during the game, according to the report, but also listened to it on the flight home.

    Tomlinson laughed and joked about the video after practice on the Monday before the playoff game, saying that he thought it was a good time to re-release the video, recorded several years ago.

    "We're doing well, the Chargers, and so it was the perfect time to release it," Tomlinson explained on Jan. 11.

    Fans embraced the clip - even buying T-shirts with "Hit That Hole" or "Electric Glide" before Sunday's game. the The clip made the late night comedy circuit with this Jimmy Fallon Show dance along.  

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