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Behind the Padres Future Success



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    Adrian Gonzalez’s underwear isn’t going to fly itself to Peoria, so let’s briefly explain the process.

    The Padres equipment crew is already on their way to Arizona to get the locker room set up by Saturday afternoon for spring training.

    An equipment manager for the squad said they are bringing almost everything the team needs and like a family on vacation, whatever they forget they will simply purchase when they get there.

    “We have 22 pallets of baseball gear: bats, uniforms, underwear, socks, you name it, we have it,” Spencer Dallin said.

    Players will begin arriving as soon as Monday or Tuesday afternoon to get in early workouts.

    Spring training last about 6 weeks, which means the equipment crew will be working hard behind the scenes for up to 8 weeks to make sure the team has everything they need.

    Dallin said his crew is ready after having four months off and are prepared for the long days ahead in the next few weeks.

    “We set up the fields in the morning and pretty much all day until the last person is out of there,” he said.