3 and Out: L.T., L.T. and L.T.

Team Owner Dean Spanos Stepped Up:  I liked the way he stepped in and helped get this deal done. Dean made it clear to General Manager A.J. Smith and to LaDainian Tomlinson that he wanted them to agree on a deal.  Dean has made the tough decisions over the years. It was Dean who finally had enough of the Marty Schottenheimer and A.J. feud and decided to move in a different direction. Back in the mid-'90s, he decided between the two Bobby's (Ross and Beithard). I don't always argree with his decisions, but it's important having someone willing and able to make them. L.T. appreciates it, too, saying: "Obviously I want to thank the organization and Dean Spanos for me being back. It’s great to be back. My heart has always been with San Diego, and I’m happy to be back. I love these guys on this team and never really thought I was going to leave. I’m happy to be doing this right now.”

L.T. Wasn't Talking Details but Did Say His Salary This Season, $6.75 Million, Is Guarenteed: He said the next two years are "dicey."  So might he find himself in same type of situation next year? His response: “Let’s just worry about this year. This is something that obviously you deal with sometimes, but I don’t think it will be. That’s not something that I’m worried about. I don’t believe this is something we’ll be going through next year.”

One Revelation: L.T. has an eye on Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record of 18,355 yard. After eight seasons, LaDainian is 6,595 yards behind. He would need to average 1,319 yards over the next five seasons. He said a championship is his main goal, but if he got close, yes, he'd like to make a run at Emmitt. So can he regain the form he had in '06? " Absolutely, with the opportunities," he said. "That was a special year, no doubt. Will I rush for 1,800 yards again? Who knows. I think it’s possible, definitely. That’s yet to be seen. I think with the same opportunities, it can happen.”

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