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RNC Airs Video Clip of ‘Biden's America' — It Was Actually Barcelona

The video feature two Chicago-area sisters

A screengrab of the video aired during the RNC segment actually shows 2019 protests in Barcelona.
Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention aired a video on Monday decrying U.S. protests and citing potential chaos in the streets if Democratic candidate Joe Biden is elected president.

The video, which has since been posted on President Trump’s official YouTube account, is titled “Catalina and Madeline” and features two Chicago-area sisters, Catalina and Madeline Lauf, who discuss their conservative beliefs and their support for the president.

NBC News’ Social Newsgathering team was able to identify that a portion of the video was in fact taken during Catalonia independence protests in October 2019 and not during recent protests in the United States over racial injustice and police brutality. Catalonian public broadcaster, CCA, was first to report on the misinformation on Aug. 25.

For more on this story, go to NBC News.

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