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Unemployment Bubble Still Full of Air



    Unemployment Bubble Still Full of Air
    The unemployment rate in Conn. reaches 8.9 percent, the highest rate since the recession began.

    New job data is out and it shows California's unemployment rate is still among the highest in the country.

    Only a handful of state's have it worst than us.

    Thanks to General motors, Michigan leads the country with an unemployment rate of 14.3 percent, followed by Nevada, Rhode Island and South Carolina.
    California's bleak No. 5 ranking was released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, who made a state breakdown calculated by a survey of businesses.

    Overall, the numbers were an improvement from teh previous month.

    California's jobless rate of 12.5 percent remains well above the national average which is just under ten-percent.

    The West had the highest unemployment rate of any region, at 10.8 percent.

    The numbers don't include people who have given up on finding jobs.  It also should be noted it is not affected by the number of people who are eligible for, or have run out of unemployment benefits.