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Tweet from Mayor's Spokesman: GOP = Cult



    Tweet from Mayor's Spokesman: GOP = Cult
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    Think Before You Tweet

    If you believe the GOP is a cult and want to send an update on Twitter saying so, that's okay. But what if you're the new spokesperson for a Republican mayor?

    Alex Roth, who recently started as a spokesperson for San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, sent an update out Tuesday morning that caught the eye of reporter Liam Dillon.

    Dillon posted a pic of the tweet online. It reportedly said, "I'm  beginning to see more and more similarities between the Heaven's Gate cult and today's Republican party."

    When Dillon called Roth to ask about the tweet, here's what he got: 

    "What I was referring to were the extreme elements of the national Republican Party and some of their behavior in the New York Congressional race," Roth said. "This has absolutely nothing to do with the sensible, moderate policies of the correct elements of the Republican Party, which includes Mayor Sanders."

    The Heaven's Gate cult, of course, was the group of people who committed a mass suicide inside the Rancho Santa Fe mansion in 1997.