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Democrats Finally Have a Candidate

The former governor makes his run for governor official



    Democrats Finally Have a Candidate
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    Current Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown finally and officially made it official Tuesday and announced he wants to be governor again. Brown's desire was one of the worst-kept secrets in California politics. The only people who will be surprised will be the conspiracy theorists who thought he was toying with the party and never intended to run.

    This is was not a flashy event filled with pauses for cheers. Instead, Brown released a YouTube video presentation on his Web site just before 11 a.m.   The clip, and therefore the announcement, lasted 3:17.  See it here.

    Brown has been asked countless times over the past months if he was running, but has refused to answer every time. Until Tuesday.  He promoted his experience and knowledge and promised he would use both to "get California working again."

    He already seemed to be shooting salvos toward GOP contender Meg Whitman when he said, "What we need is not a scripted plan cooked up by consultants or mere ambition to be governor."  Adding, "We need someone with insider's knowledge but an outsider's mind, a leader who can pull people together -- Republicans and Democrats, oil companies and environmentalists, unions and businesses. ... And at this stage in my life, I'm prepared to focus on nothing else but fixing this state I love."

    Tuesday's timing seems to be attached to two events. One: U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein just officially said she will not make a run for the job. Two: The candidate filing deadline is next Friday.

    Even though he served two gubernatorial terms beginning in 1975, Brown is still eligible for the office because current terms limits were not in effect during his tenure. If he gets the job, he will take over at twice the age he was when he first took over as the state's governor.

    It's been widely reported Brown will enter the race with at least $12 million in campaign funds in the bank.

    Brown, who will turn 72 next month, is the only serious Democratic contender.

    After the June primary, he will face of one of two wealthy Silicon Valley Republicans in the general election. Along with the above mentioned former eBay CEO Whitman, who is a billionaire, is state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, who also made nearly $1 billion as a high-tech entrepreneur.

    Poizner was first to respond to Brown's announcement.  He released the following statement: "This election will be about the future of California, not the past.  Our state needs bold, new conservative solutions that will jumpstart our economy and bring jobs back to California.  We cannot fall prey to the same high-tax policies and special interest-run government that has led our state into a fiscal disaster.  The next Governor will need specific economic solutions, like my plan for across-the-board tax cuts, and also be willing to stand up to the powerful unions who control Sacramento."