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California's New Laws in 2013



    More than 800 new laws went into effect in California at the stroke of midnight Jan. 1, 2013.

    Many of the new laws reflect some of the hot-button issues brought up over the past year, such as Internet privacy, health care and immigration.  

    Here are a few of the laws we can look forward to in the coming year:

    California approved a law exempting clergy members opposed to gay marriage from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.

    New Laws Introduced in California

    [DGO] New Laws Introduced in California
    More than 800 new state laws take affect January 1 with an impact on health care, internet privacy, immigration and other hot-button issues. Christine Haas reports.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013)

    Also, a first-of-its-kind law will ban a form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight but is on hold during a court challenge. The law would ban what is known as reparative or conversion therapy for minors; such therapies are widely discredited by medical professionals.

    California coaches and administrators in K-12 schools, as well as higher education employees who have regular contact with children, will be required to report suspected child sexual abuse.

    Another law bans the use of dogs when hunting bobcats or bears.

    New Laws for 2013

    [DGO]New Laws for 2013
    NBC 7 reporter Nicole Gonzales takes a look at the new laws for California in the New Year.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013)

    Some young undocumented immigrants will be able to get a driver license. Californians between the ages of 16 and 31 who qualify for President Obama's work permit program will also be eligible for a license.

    Potential California voters could potentially register to vote on election day with a provisional ballot, as long as the conditional voter registration is deemed effective. Same-day registration will be permitted once the Secretary of State certifies California’s new statewide voter database VoteCal.

    Two laws ban businesses and schools from demanding that potential employees or students share  social media credentials and private content. 

    In the health care sector, another new law mandates that after getting a mammogram, women must be informed if they have dense breast tissue. 

    Also -- don't forget your carbon monoxide detector. A new law effective January 1, 2013 requires the detectors be installed in condominiums and apartments.

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