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California Welcomes Your Money Mr. Obama: Schwarzenegger



    California Welcomes Your Money Mr. Obama: Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be getting Jerry Brown ready for office, but the governator says he is still a working man.

    There is one Republican who has no qualms about working with President Barack Obama.

    The only problem for the president is, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't live in Washington and he won't be in office too much longer.

    As Schwarzenegger tries to stay relevant as a lame duck politician, the governor has reached out to the Obama administration that any federal funds other states don't want, California will gladly take.

    The actor-turned-politician wrote a letter Tuesday to Obama's Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, where he volunteered the state's wallet as a resting place for federal funds, while taking a shot at other governors.

    "It is with a certain sense of astonishment that we note recent announcements from some of our gubernatorial colleagues that they are uninterested in federal contributions to their high-speed rail systems," Schwarzenegger wrote. "You are more than welcome to redirect that money to California -– where we know how to use it to generate hundreds of thousands of jobs and provide a clean, fast and low-cost way to travel."

    Schwarzenegger may only have a short while left in office, but the governor says he is committed to work on California's $6-billion shortfall for the current fiscal year until he walks out of office.