Newtown Residents Hope to Inspire Lawmakers to Take Action

Residents and supporters from Newtown read more than 3,300 names of gun violence victims.

Residents of Newtown have been out in front of town hall since noon on Wednesday, reading more than 3,300 names of those lost to gun violence all over the country since December 14.

They hope it will send a message to members of Congress before a crucial vote on gun control. The U.S. Senate will take up the bill on Thursday.

Newtown families also headed to Washington, where Vicki Soto's sister Jillian read outside the nation's Capitol.

"I'm here today because my sister is unable to be here, and I'm here to honor her and demand something be done. Demand we get a vote," Soto said.

It's a vote some senators have tried to stop from coming up for debate on Thursday. Yet on Wednesday night in front of Edmond Town Hall, Newtown Action Alliance tried to make sure the debate moves forward.

"We're trying to send a message that we want a vote. We want a vote now and shame on the senators for trying to filibuster this," said Monte Frank, who added that people of Newtown deserve at least a discussion on gun legislation, -including universal background checks.

"We really want to be remembered as the place not where this unspeakable tragedy occurred but from the ashes we've risen and tried to engage some meaningful change," Frank said.

Norwalk Councilwoman Anna Duleep struggled through her time at the podium, especially when reading the name of a Norwalk police officer.

"For a lot of us, our hearts broke before December 14," Duleep said. "[We need] to show that we are Newtown. Whether it's Norwalk, here physically in Newtown, or whether it's California, we all could be struck next."

Organizers said they'll be at town hall until noon Thursday to wait for a vote.

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