Snapchat Lets Users Opt Out of “Find Friends”

Snapchat announced today that it released an update to fix the security flaw that released 4.6 million users' information.

The security fix will stop the exploit in its Find Friends function, where users could search for friends using their phone numbers,  that released the data on Jan. 1. Now users are also allowed to opt-out of using the feature. "We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support," the company wrote in a blog post.

Users will now also have to verify their phone numbers.
The security leak was the biggest blow to the startup Snapchat so far, with some users calling for apologies and its chief executive to be fired, according to The Verge. It did take more than a week for Snapchat to apologize and clean up the mess, likely because of a holiday weekend, but if the startup wants a chance at going public and being taken seriously it needs to be better at customer service and fixing flaws.
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