Four Arrested After Restaurant Brawl Injures Waiter in Coral Springs

The fight escalated quickly, and Coral Springs Police received multiple 911 calls from employees who feared for their safety.

A fight over a bill at a popular South Florida restaurant spiraled into a brawl Sunday, as angry patrons hurled glass mugs, chairs and Christmas ornaments in a melee that left a waiter hospitalized, police say.

A large party at Big Bear Brewing Company, located at 1800 N. University Dr. in Coral Springs, started arguing with employees upon receiving their bill. The fight escalated quickly, and Coral Springs police received multiple 911 calls from employees who feared for their safety.

When police arrived, the party that had started the fight left the restaurant and were outside in the parking lot. Multiple witnesses identified several of the patrons as being involved in the brawl, including 29-year-old Roosevelt LaGuerre, 29-year-old Claude Galland, 25-year-old Eurasha Fonseca and 19-year-old Abby Gay Thompson.

A waiter tried to diffuse the bill dispute by getting between the patrons and another employee, according to the police report. That's when police say LaGuerre and Galland started attacking the man, punching him repeatedly and striking him with a glass mug. The waiter was transported to Coral Springs Medical Center, where he received 13 staples for his injuries.

"Following the attack, the defendants continued to cause disruption within the restaurant, throwing multiple items, to include chairs, glass mugs and Christmas ornaments around," the police report said.

Police said Fonseca picked up a glass cup and walked into the restaurant's kitchen, throwing the glass at an employee. She was arrested while trying to flee from the restaurant in a white Nissan Altima.

Thompson was arrested for obstruction when she lied to police by giving a fake name. She told investigators that she didn't want her real name to be on the police report.

LaGuerre and Galland face several charges of felony aggravated battery, felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

It is unclear if any of the defendants have attorneys.

Big Bear's management estimates the defendants caused an estimated $2,000 in damage.

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