Ojai Fresh: Pixie Month Specials

It's downright a-peeling; enjoy the village's vivacious fruit in all of its many forms.

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Moira Tarmy

THE HUES OF A CITY: If you had to pair a certain shade of a particular color with each town and village and metropolis you adore, where would you begin? Would San Francisco summon International Orange to your mind, the very color of the Golden Gate Bridge? Or more of a soft, fog-fantastic gray? And is Santa Barbara's symbolic hue that deep maroon-red of the roof tiles seen throughout the picturesque place? It really may be an eye of the beholder, and traveler, kind of thing. But here is one of the toughest questions from this chroma-filled category: Is Ojai, in your heart, more the rosy-pink of the nightly Pink Moment or the orange-tangerine of a citrus tree in full, springtime glory? Truly, both hues are so very Ojai-esque, and we wouldn't dare ask an Ojai aficionado to make such a choice. But if Pink Moments as well as Pixies are your pleasure, then April must be your dream Ojai month. For that's...

PIXIE MONTH... around the scenic, art-lovely burg, a time when deals, specials, and other to-dos flower like so many small, fragrant buds on a tangerine tree. If the "petite, sweet, and seedless tangerine" is your ultimate fruit, eye the full list of doings. Some temptations? You can book a lodging package at The Oaks, for example, and receive a gratis Ojai Pixie Scrub. A stay at The Lavender Inn in April means your breakfast will arrive with a hint o' Pixie goodness (or even more than a hint). Azu is rocking the Pixie Drop Martini during the fruit-forward fourth month, while Suzanne's'll mix a Pixie Cosmo for those customers who crave tangerine-y tastes. There are several supping, stay-over, shopping, and sippable to-dos during Pixie Month, and a few spa happenings, too, so best study all. Don't forget to peel a Pixie from your own kitchen, though. You'll need something to munch as you go over what Ojai-centered goings-on you want to join. Surely at one of the spots on the roster you can both enjoy a Pixie-themed drink or dish while watching the evening Pink Moment? Two iconic Ojai hues, pink and tangerine-orange, together and oh-so-vibrant.

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