9 Republicans Reject Naming Post Office After Maya Angelou

Conversations around racial issues have grown super charged during this presidential election season and part of that seems to have rubbed off on Capitol Hill in a debate over naming a post office after award winning poet and Civil Rights activist, Maya Angelou, NBC News reports.

On days when the House of Representatives does not have much work to do, the body names post offices. Usually these are fairly mundane affairs, the body will unanimously vote to approve the naming of a post office no matter what member puts the request forward.

That was the case Tuesday when a vote to rename a post office in California to "Medal of Honor" post office passed 381-0.

However, it was not for the next vote, cast to rename a post office in Winston-Salem, N.C. after Civil Rights icon Maya Angelou. That measure passed with only 371 votes, with nine Republicans voting against the measure and one voting "present."

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