NFL Player Has a Rubber Duck Collection

Donald Thomas is thinking of bringing the ducks with him to the Super Bowl.

Donald Thomas Rubber Ducks with photo
NBC Connecticut, Getty Images

Donald Thomas’ road to the Super Bowl is an unusual one. He never played high school football in his home town of West Haven and he was a walk-on to the UConn Huskies.

The 26-year-old was released from the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions, but now he’s a member of the Patriots and gearing up to make the trip to Indianapolis for the big game.

When he makes the trip, Thomas’ luggage just might contain a collection you would not expect a 300-pound offensive lineman in the NFL to have.

It’s his rubber duck collection.

“We’ll see. We’ve been winning with the ducks,” Thomas said.

The collection is in his locker at Gillette Stadium.

One has military fatigues, another is a cat duck, another is pink with a yellow bonnet. All together, Thomas has about 50 ducks.

The collection, he said, started when one of his offensive line buddies started putting them there.

“They look crazy during the week,” he said. They are placed randomly on the shelf.

But come game day, he lines them up. He literally puts all his ducks in a row.

Now, he’s thinking about bringing the ducks with him to Indianapolis – or having them make the migration.

After a winning season, why break tradition?

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