Kid Rock Treats An Assault Victim to $1,500

Ohio pizza delivery guy nearly killed in attack

A bad boy rocker did a good deed after reading about an attack that left a Cincinnati pizza delivery driver fighting for his life.

When Kid Rock read about the severe beating of 28-year-old Harry Colyer, he wrote the pizza delivery guy a check for $1,500, The Associated Press reported.

"I didn't expect it and didn't ask for it, but it was certainly a very nice thing to do," Colyer told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Colyer suffered hearing loss, broken bones and eye disfigurement that was repaired with metal plates, following an on-the-job robbery, which scored his attackers $15 and a trip to jail. Cops took two teens and 20 year old into custody for allegedly beating Colyer with bricks and a two-by-four on July 20.

Kid Rock's spokesman, Nick Stern, confirmed the act of kindness, and said Kid Rock learned about the attack in a Cincinnati Enquirer he article he read while touring in the city last month. The long haired rocker didn't comment on the donation, and Stern says that's because he didn't do it for the publicity. He quietly does this sort of stuff from time to time, Stern added.

Colyer who is still recovering from the July 20 beat-down admits he had never listened to Kid Rock's music before, though his 63-year-old mom is a fan. Brenda Colyer says she first discovered him when he performed with Jerry Lee Lewis on T.V.

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