ESPN Babe Erin Andrews Poses for Really Dirty Photos

Sexy sideline reporter gets dirty during photo shoot

This girl knows how to get dirty.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is slathered in mud and sporting shoulder pads and eye black alongside jocks from the Columbia University football team in a sizzling locker room photo shoot for GQ.

The blonde bombshell appears in a thigh-high skirt and black heels atop a Gatorade cooler in a second photo for the magazine.

The sexy sideline reporter -- voted "America's Sexiest Sportscaster" by Playboy -- posed for the shoot in April before it was revealed that she had been secretly taped walking around naked in her hotel room by a peephole perv, the New York Post reported.

Clips of the incident went virual on the Web.

The 31-year-old college football reporter told GQ for its September issue that beer-swilling college kids often propose to her as she struts down the sidelines. So far, she's declined the offers. 

"I've always looked out for my career first," she said. "That's not to say I don't want to have kids and get married."

"But the guys I've dated are happy I'm not calling them 24-7. They've got their own stuff going on -- that's a good fit for me."

The stunner also said she has "no doubt" she wants eventually to cover pro football in the NFL. "But right now, the college game, I'm enamored with it. i grew up in the South. It's a religion," she said.

The sportscaster said she hopes to move from the South and relocate to New York.

"I have no ties to Atlanta, so ideally, I'll get there ASAP and start playing," she said.

The issue of GQ is on stands this week.

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