Coleman's Funeral Canceled as Parents, Ex Bicker

Actor Gary Coleman weekend burial has been called-off as his parents and live-in ex-wife bickered over funeral arrangements for the former "Diff'rent Strokes" star.

Coleman, who died at age 42 on May 28th after suffering a brain hemorrhage, was supposed to be laid to rest this weekend before a battle brewed over custody of his body.

But a Salt Lake City attorney said Friday he had a will Coleman wrote in 1999 naming an executor of his estate with the authority to make funeral arrangements.

The attorney, Kent Alderman, said he plans to take the will to court but declined to speak on any details or identify the executor.

"We will submit that for probate next week and find out if this is the last will. We believe it is. Nobody's come up with a more recent one," Alderman said, according to the Associated Press.

Coleman's estranged parents had been preparing to go to court seeking to bring the actors body for burial at childhood home in Illinois once it was revealed that Coleman had divorced his wife Shannon Price in 2008.

Their attorney, Frederick Jackman said the parents are dropping their claim after the will emerged. Jackman told the AP the will names Dion Mial, Coleman's friend and former manager as the executor.

"The Colemans from the start simply wanted to do what he wanted to have done," Jackman said.

Price's representative, Shielia Erickson said "all we wanted to do is fill Gary's wishes."

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