BBC Comes to Bat for LiLo and Ronson

Network condemns segment that "reinforced lesbian stereotypes"

LiLo and Sam have some friends in the BBC.

An oversight body for the British Broadcasting Company has chided one of their DJs and porn star Ron Jeremy for making “crude and offensive” comments about Lindsay Lohan and English DJ Samantha Ronson that “reinforced negative stereotypes about lesbians,” Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported on its website.

The trouble began during a segment called “The Most Annoying People of 2008” that ran last December, with BBC DJ Spoony and Jeremy placing the pair as number 43 on the list.

''Let the munters and you know the mingers get each other, that's cool, see no one really wants them ones, but they're hot and fit d'ya know what I mean and Hollywood superstars they should be saved for guys like, you know, not me but, you know, for other guys,'' Spoony said, according to the Telegraph.

Good thing the BBC had their backs as Lohan fans could be forgiven for having trouble deciphering such codswallop.

During the same segment, Jeremy reportedly talked about having a threesome with Lohan and Ronson.

“You know it's a double-edged sword you know, men wishing they could be with her and change her mind and 'yeah well she's a lesbian now 'cos she never met me,’” he said.

Richard Tait, a BBC Trustee, called the segment a “clear breach of the guidelines in relation to harm and offence, and the portrayal of sexuality.”

The network behemoth will demand that the offending clips not be re-aired in the future, the Telegraph reported.

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