LiLo Was Dry When SCRAM Bracelet Went Off: Lawyer

Says tests backs up booze spill claim

 Lindsay Lohan was as sober as a judge when her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet activated, and a urine test proves it, according to her lawyer.

The bracelet, which an L.A. judge ordered her to wear after she missed a hearing on her progress in an alcohol education class, went off earlier this month at an MTV awards afterparty. Lilo, whose legal troubles stem from a 2007 DUI, immediately insisted she had not been drinking, and her mother Dina blamed a spilled drink. The device measures alcohol in a wearer's sweat, and sends the data to a monitoring company.

But while many folks may have rolled their eyes when Lilo cried foul, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said a urine test taken right after the incident backed her up, according to E! Online.

"They did a urinalysis through Medtox labs and it was indicated conclusively that there was no alcohol in her system at that time," a source with knowledge of the test results confirmed to the website. "She was ordered to go right in and today just got report back and it was negative."

An L.A. district attorney spokeswoman wasn't aware of the negative test result. The DA's office office previously said the alert was "an alcohol-related violation."

Lohan, 23, remains free on $200,000 bail – a new amount which the judge set in her case on June 8 after the SCRAM alert. Lohan remains subject to weekly random drug testing and must abstain from alcohol.

The troubled starlet faces a probation violation hearing on July 6, and could get up to six months in jail if a judge determines that she hasn't fully complied with her probation terms.

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