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'Hell on Earth': Commando Leader Recounts Bataclan Siege



    The captain of the French commando unit which stormed the Bataclan concert hall Friday evening can't get memories of the "hell" they encountered there out of his mind — and has been working around the clock to foil further terror attacks, NBC News reported. 

    Jeremy — who spoke to NBC News' Lester Holt on the condition his last name was not used — saw on television that "something was going on" and got "the call" at around 9:40 p.m. Within about a half-hour, he and his men were on the scene outside Bataclan, where terrorists had opened fired and seized hostages.

    Uniformed police managed to shoot dead one terrorist, but two more remained inside along with what appeared to be hundreds of hostages. Jeremy's unit — the BRI — replaced those officers and took up positions.

    "Then we discover like a hell on earth," he said. Glaring concert lights illuminated "blood everywhere" and people laying on the floor — but it was completely quiet, Jeremy recalled.