Google Working On Home Entertainment

Google is reportedly working on a "home entertainment device," that it's testing in employees' homes.

Tech companies have been creating "full-fledged ecosystems" to preserve market dominance, according to the New York Times -- Apple has the iOS, Google has Android and Amazon has an Android-based e-reader and tablet. But apparently that's not enough for Google as it also ventures into the consumer home.

The device is supposed to be for streaming music, but could connect to other home electronics. Motorola, which will be finally bought by Google for $12.5 billion next week, will likely be the manufacturer. The device is part of a larger strategy to connect everything in the home to the Internet, from light bulbs to TV sets, something we reported on in May when Google introduced Android@Home.

“Google’s future depends on extending its influence beyond the PC screen,” James McQuivey, a Forrester analyst, told the Times. “They’ve made tremendous progress in the mobile phone business, but their attempts to do the same thing with the TV and tablet flopped because the hardware manufacturers they relied on were not able to move fast enough.” 
An automated home isn't a new idea, but the idea that Google wants to make it commercially viable and easy could make it a game changer. However, with all the hackers out there, do you really want them to have access to your lights and home security system? 
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