Google Now 5th Most Valuable Company


Google's market cap rose by $60 billion since July, making it the fifth-most valuable company in the nation.

Google is just behind Wal-Mart Stores, Microsoft, Exxon and Apple, according to the International Business Times. Google's valued at $245 billion, Wal-Mart at $251 billion, Microsoft at $257 billion, Exxon $424 billion and Apple tops the heap at $645 billion.

Google stock hit a high Tuesday when it reached $764.89 a share, a value not seen since November 2007. Google also had $38 billion in revenue last year and has done well since mid-June -- rising 10 percent on NASDAQ -- mostly based on its search advertising. Google still holds about 67 percent of the Internet market share and Android dominates the smartphone market.

It seems that Wall Street and market analysts believe in Google's value rising and are anticipating that the search titan will report its fastest sales growth in the last five years at next month's earnings report.

While Apple does get most of the press, Google's profitability and business model has been a steady one. After Google's earnings report in October, we just may see the tech company surpass Wal-Mart and maybe even Microsoft.

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