“From War to Peace” Jewelry

After 9/11 Paul Ogren said he supported going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, he strives to preach peace through his business, “From War to Peace,” which turns weapons of war into jewelry.

“From War to Peace is a story of transformation” said Ogren. “We take the most violent weapons ever created in the history of man, we recycle their core components and we create beautiful art and jewelry all dedicated to peace.”

Ogren said he started the business, in part, as a “Mea culpa” for his past belief that war was the proper path for America to take.

He now takes weapons of war, such as dismantled nuclear silos, and creates symbols of peace.

“In the Bible it says, ‘Turn your swords into plowshares and nations shall know war no more,’ we’re trying to do that one weapon and one piece of jewelry at a time.”

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