From Flower Girl to Internet Meme in Minutes

All she did was cover her ears to block out the crowd noise. Too bad she happened to do it in front of the most photographed kiss in the world.

A flower girl at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - you know, the one that happened just this morning - went from being a photographer's happy accident to an internet meme within minutes of the photo going worldwide.

A "meme" for the uninitiated, is an idea or joke or other such concept that spreads around the internet and becomes like a kind of universal inside joke.

They usually involve edited photos or photos with jokey, slang-tinged captions. Like, say: 

But who is the adorable little anti-romantic? According to Vanity Fair, she's three year-old Grace Van Cutsem, and she happens to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of William Waldorf Astor. She is also Prince William's god daughter.

And now, she's an internet meme.

Selected Reading: Vanity Fair, VF Daily, PopEater

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