Dog Rescued By Firefighters From Frozen South Jersey Lake

A dog fell into the freezing water of a South Jersey creek Saturday, but brave firefighters from Oaklyn Fire Department quickly sprung into action, saving its life.

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Oaklyn Fire Department
The cold temperatures not only posed a threat to humans this weekend: Animals across our region were in danger too, as this unlucky, wandering dog could attest.
Oaklyn Fire Department
Oaklyn firefighters jumped into action Saturday morning when they received reports of a dog on ice in Haddon Township's Newton Creek.
Oaklyn Fire Department
Firefighters inched their way across the ice to help the dog who had fallen through toward the center of the creek.
Oaklyn Fire Department
The crew of Oaklyn Fire Department's Marine 18 unit made the daring rescue.
Oaklyn Fire Department
The ice eventually broke during the rescue, but the crew members still successfully pulled the four-legged friend back to shore.
Oaklyn Fire Department
Marine 18 was able to successfully rescue the dog, who will surely be spending some time warming up Saturday night.
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