Apple Delays iTunes Update


For those looking for the new iTunes update, Apple has announced that it won't be ready until the end of November.

"The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right. We look forward to releasing this new version of iTunes with its dramatically simpler and cleaner interface, and seamless integration with iCloud before the end of November," Apple told AllThingsD.

The new iTunes 11 is supposed to give users new features such as  a sharper layout, better performance, a full-library search and a redesigned mini-player. So far, Apple hasn't revealed if it will use less storage or power.

The news is different from what was announced at the iPhone 5 event, but we don't think anyone should be annoyed by the news. Apple previously rushed other features and updates, such as Siri and Apple Maps, and few people were really happy with the buggy outcomes.

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