A Sneak Peak at Google TV 2.0

Google TV, when it was first released, didn't quite set the world on fire.

While it had a lot of interesting ideas, its execution was found to be lacking and few people ended up getting on board. Google's hoping to change that with Google TV 2.0.

Google TV will still aim to do the same thing: combine live TV with all the video you can find on the web, turning you TV into a computer/TV hybrid.

The big thing Google looks to be pushing in this new version looks to be the Android Market, which will offer Honeycomb apps that people are already using on Android tablets, such as Pandora and Twitter. There's not a lot else to see in this early sneak peek, but hopefully they'll make the whole thing more intuitive and easy to use so people want to, you know, actually use it.

Via Zatz Not Funny

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