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Florida Stuntman Arrested Over Latest Social Media Prank



    no description (Published Tuesday, July 25, 2017)

    A South Florida man who's achieved viral fame for his stunts, including swiping food from local eateries, was jailed over his latest prank. 

    John Robert Hill, known on social media as Boonk IG, was arrested after he reportedly stole a tray of doughnuts from a Dunkin' Donuts in Miami Gardens.

    Hill was charged with burglary and petit theft after the May 13 incident at the shop at 18801 Northwest 2nd Avenue, according to an arrest report. 

    The 20-year-old was filmed jumping over the counter into an employee-area and grabbing a tray of doughnuts worth $38 before walking out of the store, the report said. Hill returned the tray after the clerk requested them back, the report noted.

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    The video was later posted on YouTube and Instagram.

    "This is one of those like, 'do it for the Vine,' internet type of funny things. Not that funny or that smart, but ultimately he did give it back, judge," Kelsey Cruz, Hill's public defender, said during his court hearing.

    Hill, who sports a "misunderstood" tattoo on his face, among others, has a reputation for walking into restaurants and helping himself to food without paying for it. Videos posted to YouTube show Hill taking sodas from a gas station, pizza from a Little Caesar's, and an entire cookie box from Subway.

    The judge referred Hill to a court program with an alternate bond of $1,500 and warned him to stay away from the Dunkin Donuts at Miami Gardens.

    "Try Krispy Kreme, but stay out of this stuff," Judge Mindy Glazer said.

    Hill pled not guilty and was sentenced to 60 days of probation.