Tree Falls on Woman near Mission Bay

A woman was rushed to the hospital Sunday after part of a tree fell on her in Mission Bay.

Witnesses say the woman was walking with her husband near the De Anza Cove boat launch around 7 p.m. when a ten-foot section of the tree suddenly snapped and fell.

People spending Sunday afternoon near the bay heard a cracking noise just before the tree came crashing down.

“I heard kind of like a scrape at first and then it kind of expanded into like a large crack,” said Jonathon Rubio. “We all just turned around and we seen the branch almost, it was about to fall, and it started cracking and it came down super quick.”

About 50 people holding a family reunion nearby jumped into action and pulled the woman out.

Jesse Galvan said he and his family members dove in to try and help out. “The husband got out and we ran in there to help him out, to try and lift the tree up,” Galvan said.

It was such a large limb, Rubio said there was no way they could move it.

There was a nurse at the scene and helped treat an injury to the woman’s face and a broken bone in her leg, Rubio said.

San Diego police put cones and police tape up near where the limb fell to keep pedestrians and bicyclists away from the area.

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