Woman Accused of Arson in Chula Vista Fires

A woman considered a person of interest in a Thanksgiving Day fire that destroyed a World War II-style bunker in Chula Vista now faces arson charges, officials said.

Shirley Anne Gentry, 54, was arrested Friday after a trash can fire was reported at 5:16 a.m., in the 200 block of Broadway in Chula Vista.

Two other fires were reported within a half hour, both on Broadway according to police.

Chula Vista Fire Personnel led the Chula Vista Police Officers to Gentry who was detained in a restaurant parking lot also located on Broadway.

Gentry has been considered a person of interest by the Chula Vista Police and Fire Arson Investigators since a Thanksgiving Fire in 2015 where a shed near a church was burned in the 600 block of G Street.

Arson investigators allege that Gentry was observed on video at the Salvation Army donation center where two fires were reported. The first fire involved the burning of a mattress on July 12 and the second fire occurred on July 27 which involved a burning couch.

On Thursday, the dumpster located at the Arco Station at 765 E Street was set on fire just after Gentry was suspected of shoplifting and was asked to leave, police said.

Gentry will be booked into Las Colinas Women’s Detention Facility for eight counts of arson.

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