Window Treatment: Clearing Up a Problem

Pacific Beach woman calls on NBC 7 Responds to clear up a problem with her window.

Beth Palmer and her husband picked to live in Pacific Beach for the views of San Diego Bay.

In 2008, they spent nearly $7,000 on new windows for their second-floor bayfront condominium.

Last year Palmer noticed what looked like dirt covering the window in her dining area. She cleaned the inside. She and her husband devised a way to reach the outside of the window from the balcony, thinking the dirt may be on the outside.

And, when that didn’t work, they hired window washers.

“It just kept getting worse and worse and worse and pretty soon we almost couldn’t see out the window,” Palmer told NBC 7 Responds.

“Mostly I thought the window was dirty and I couldn’t reach it to get it clean enough. It soon became obvious that it was on the inside of the double pane glass.”

Palmer said that’s when she remembered about the lifetime warranty that came with the windows.

After finding it, she wrote a letter to the window manufacturer, AMSCO Windows out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I thought, 'OK, well I’ll do it the old-fashioned way,' and I wrote them a letter,” Palmer said. "I heard nothing back, not even boo.”

Palmer waited for a response. One month went by. Then another month went by. She reached out to AMSCO again. The company gave her a list of three companies that would install the windows.

Beth said she contacted the companies but she got no response. She sent AMSCO yet another email telling them that the companies that were to install the windows were not responding. AMSCO told her they too had not heard from any of the three companies.

“Not hearing anything, I wrote them an email,” Palmer said. “They would send me back another [email], 'Oh, we are still waiting.’”

AMSCO’s response was not what Palmer wanted to hear.

“I was getting so frustrated because I wasn’t getting my window replaced,” she said.

Palmer said she had one last trick up her sleeve.

“I thought maybe Consumer Bob can help me, maybe [NBC 7 Responds] can help me get my window in,” she said.

NBC 7 Responds reached out to AMSCO and within a matter of days, AMSCO responded, telling NBC 7 Responds that there was a problem communicating with the companies in San Diego and it would be taken care of.

“I started the process in January [of this year]," Palmer said. "It took five months until I contacted Consumer Bob and less than a month later my new window was in.”

In a statement, AMSCO Windows told NBC 7 Responds:

"It appears that there was a minor communication lag that contributed to the frustration of our customer.

We understand and sympathize with her frustration and are happy to have brought this issue to a full resolution."

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