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‘It's Too Much for Me:' Widow of Man in Deputy Taser Struggle

Mark Roshawn Adkins, 54, died hours after the altercation in the condo complex on Lemon Grove Way.

The widow of a Lemon Grove man who died following a confrontation with San Diego County Sheriff's deputies Saturday wants to see an investigation into her husband's death.

Collette Adkins said she checked herself into Scripps Mercy Hillcrest because of the stress building up from watching the video showing deputies using Tasers on her husband.

“To watch your TV and see your husband get killed on nationwide TV by a Taser I can't take it," she said. "It's too much for me."

Mark Roshawn Adkins, 54, died hours after the altercation in the condo complex on Lemon Grove Way.

Deputies received reports of a man jumping fences into backyards and trying to get into townhomes.

“I don’t think so. That's a lie,” said Mark’s widow. “There's no reason for him to get into anybody's home. He got killed right on his own street."

Cell phone video shows deputies yelling various commands Saturday morning for Mark to comply or they would use the stun guns again.

“On your stomach. I will zap you again,” one deputy said in the video. 

Investigators say Mark Adkins was a burglary suspect who refused to follow their commands. Video shows it took three deputies to subdue him.

Collette says her husband’s mother lives down the street from where the incident happened.  But why he was in the complex is a mystery to her.

The 54-year-old, unemployed father attended Lincoln High. Friends say he had his struggles. He was also dealing with mental health issues, according to family members.

“If a person is in a state of mind where they can’t comply, for [deputies] to electrocute them is not the answer,” said Adkins' widow.

She vows her husband's death won't be in vain.

“I’m also praying for justice to be served in this case," Collette Adkins said.

There's a controversial term called excited delirium. It’s the name given to a  condition in which someone with a mental health issue or on drugs dies after being struck by a stun gun or gets into a scuffle with law enforcement.

It'll take weeks before the toxicology report results are released to show what, if anything, was in Adkins' system at the time of his death.

His family has set up an online fundraising page.

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