‘Who Would Do This?': Vandals Destroy Ramona Soccer Field

The park has been hosting the Ramona Soccer League and its players for decades

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Tire tracks and loose dirt left behind by someone on a joyride mark the latest act of vandalism in Ramona’s Soccer Fields.

"Who would do this?" said Kevin Justice, Ramona Soccer League Board Member. "You're affecting the kids in this community. Why would you take something away that they enjoy so much?”

The tracks extend throughout the majority of one of the park’s soccer fields. They include looping patterns likely created by doughnuts from the vehicle’s tires.

"This was a selfish move and it doesn't affect you, it affects the kids who come out here and look forward to having a fun and safe place to play,” said Justice.

The park has been hosting the Ramona Soccer League and its players for decades.

For many families, the attack is personal.

"My family has literally been in this park my entire life, so going on like 30 years now," said Thomas Perfect, Ramona Soccer League Board Member. "We love the park, it's really important to us. It's a gem to the community."

Both Justice and Perfect make part of the Ramona Soccer League Board. They’re also parents of players and former athletes themselves. They say the vandalism comes mid-season for the league, placing the rest of the games in jeopardy.

"To have this happen right now is kind of like the worst timing ever,” said Justice.

Not only that but the destruction also brings on financial concerns for the league.

"We’re a smaller league, we don't charge high fees for our traveling teams, we try to offer a more cost-effective option to our kids so that we don't have a lot of money to throw around to repairs like this,” said Justice.

With more questions than answers, the men hope those responsible think twice before vandalizing again.

"I really hope people can see this and realize that it's just selfishness and insensitivity to our community and really it's an ugly look for such a beautiful town," said Perfect.

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