When Stealing, It's Best to Avoid Security Cams

The biggest lead for police investigating the theft of an ATM machine is the image of one suspect walking in the view of the security camera.

Workers opening up Linda Vista Auto Repair Monday morning noticed the mess left behind overnight.

Someone broke into an old outside entrance, entered the shop through a bathroom and pulled out the shop’s ATM machine.

When police arrived to the shop at 7611 Linda Vista Road, they immediately started looking for clues and asked about the surveillance camera outside the building.

Looking at the recording, police discovered one of the suspects walked up to the camera, found a metal bar on the side of the store and destroyed the camera. What the man didn’t destroy was the image captured seconds before the camera went to hash – a picture of himself with black gloves and in a hooded sweatshirt swinging at the camera like a piñata.

Hmm… what are the chances police will ever find him?

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