What Should You Do With Old San Diego Chargers Gear?

Immediately after fans learned their hometown San Diego Chargers were dropping the "San Diego" from their title, some of them took out their anger and despair by throwing out their team memorabilia.

A large pile of posters, banners, hats, T-shirts and player jerseys grew in the hours after Chargers owner Dean Spanos made the announcement Thursday morning.

The news has created an interesting dilemma: Do you keep the San Diego Chargers gear or get rid of it?  Are you more loyal of a fan if you burn it or pack it away as a memento of better days?

A glance at some of the comments on NBC 7's Facebook page shows people are split.

If you're going to burn it, just be warned - Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman has vowed to track you down if you touch anything with #56.

Cheryl Wren Mercado refuses to get rid of anything. "This hurts, but being ugly about it, is lame," she said..

“I’m going to keep my jersey as a memory of happier days, shadow box it and leave it up as art,” Timothy Wazny posted.

That's just what Marvin Soonthorn said he's going to do. "I'm framing my Gates jersey in hopes I can get him to sign it one day," Soonthorn wrote.

Tonya Tee McKay suggested sending the clothing items to someone who may need it more, like the homeless. "Especially the hats and jackets!" she wrote.

Another fan, sees opportunity. "Sell it on EBay, don't burn it," said Carlos Julian Fernandez.

In fact, we saw more than a few inquiries from fans wanting to help the broken hearted by taking those player jerseys off their hands. There were more than a few requests for vintage collectibles.  

[G] Buh-Bye, San Diego Chargers

Will it be worth something someday? A quick glance at the San Diego Clippers items for sale on eBay suggests San Diego Chargers gear will be valuable only for the memories.

Clipper hats described as vintage were priced between $10 and $30 while most unsigned jerseys were priced between $50 and $100.

“I will never buy anything from the LA Chargers but will also never get rid of any of my SD Chargers stuff,” said Bolts fan Eileen Keeter.

Her fellow fan Oscar Fahme agrees.

"I personally think it's stupid and disrespectful throwing out your Charger Gear," Fahme posted. "I mean, c'mon think about all the good times, with family and friends you had wearing SD charger gear. You don't have to wear it if you don't want to but at least save it for memories."

Longtime Chargers fan Charles Cole told NBC 7 he just had to be outside Chargers Park to “see it from the main source.” He said he’s hoping for a hail Mary.
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