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Warning: Fireworks are Illegal in San Diego and Dangerous

Fireworks are illegal in the county and in the city of San Diego

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It's that time of year again when firefighters and health officials warn people about the dangers of fireworks. It is an especially important reminder this year, given the hot dry conditions and the threat of wildfires.

On Wednesday morning, the San Diego Fire Department set up a display of fireworks on a board outside the station and had experts available to speak to the media about staying safe this holiday. In addition to highlighting the dangers of fireworks, they also reminded the public that fireworks are illegal in the city of San Diego and in the county.

Tessa Haviland with the UCSD Burn Institute was among those gathered.

“In a traditional year in the United States, we see about 13,00 fireworks injuries and about one-quarter of them are from sparklers,” Haviland said.

It is not just the potential for injuries that is concerning. 

“It’s just so easy for a spark to go over the fence and land in dry brush,” said Mark Alvarez, a firefighter, paramedic and bomb technician with the San Diego Fire Department.

“We lose houses, we lose canyons, we lose people. unfortunately,“ said Alvarez, “It’s just not worth the risk. We just ask everyone don't take the chance.”

Alvarez advises people to celebrate by watching commercial fireworks. Leave it to the professionals, he urges.

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