“Catch Me if You Can” Fugitive Pleads Guilty

While on the run, Wanda Podgurski taunted the District Attorney on Twitter

A San Diego fugitive who tweeted “Catch me if you can” when she skipped bail earlier this year will likely have more time added on to a lengthy prison sentence.

Wanda Podgurski was convicted on 29 felony counts relating to insurance fraud in January but she wasn’t there to hear the jury’s decision because she hadn’t shown up to court that day.

When U.S. Marshals finally apprehended Podgurski six months later, they discovered she had skipped bail and fled the U.S.

While she was on the run, living in Mexico, Podgurski sent a Tweet from an account created in her name saying “Catch me if you can.”

Now back in San Diego court, the fugitive pleaded guilty for failure to appear which prosecutors say will likely add 2 years, 8 months onto the 20 years, 4 months she was facing on insurance fraud.

Podgurskifaked a disability in 2006 and scammed six insurance companies

out of nearly $700,000, according to prosecutors.

She will be sentenced Dec. 4.

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