Voting Goes Smoothly in San Diego

Registrar says complaints are "sporadic"

Hundreds of voters braved early morning rains to line up outside the county Registrar of Voters' office on Ruffin Road and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in Kearny Mesa. More than 660 of them had cast their ballots by early afternoon. The lines were actually smaller than they were over the weekend, when the line to vote snaked around the building.

On the street outside the Registrar's building, a line of cars made slow progress into the parking lot. Drivers were dropping off their absentee ballots or looking for a place to park, to cast their votes in person. On the sidewalk near by, supporters and opponents of a few ballot measures waved signs.

Election law allows people to wave signs and hand out material as long as they stay at least 100 feet from the polling station. The Registrar's office had received "sporadic" complaints of people breaking that law, by campaigning too close to the pools. The Registrar sent investigators to check out those complaints.

The Registrar also said it is receiving more than the usual amount of phone calls from voters who have questions about where they should vote or who had other questions or problems with the voting process. The Registrar said most of that information is available on the Registrar of Voters website, at

As of last night, San Diego county voters had returned 403,444 absentee ballots.

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