Vista High School Coach Under Investigation for Alleged Assault Against Student-Athlete

A video captured the moment the Vista High School football coach pulled a player by the shirt in what looked like an aggressive manner

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The head coach of Vista High School’s football team was suspended from his athletic duties after a video surfaced of what is under investigation as a possible assault against a student-athlete.

Footage captured the moment the coach, identified by the school district as Dave Bottom, pulling player No. 18 by the shirt in what looked like an aggressive manner.

The father of the student in the video explained that before the incident, his son received a penalty for supposedly raising his hand against the opposing team, who allegedly made fun of his face.

“My son tried to back away and the coach just pulled him more. It’s unacceptable,” said Steve Serrano, the father of the student involved in the incident.

 It was an incident that was witnessed from the stands.

“All of the parents I’ve spoken with are fed up, it’s the simple truth,” said Jose Ramon Martinez, the father of another student on the team. “They’re tired of having one person, or an entire institution, never listening to them. They have concerns and no one wants to listen to them.”

Serrano said that no one from the Vista Unified School District (VUSD) has returned his call to discuss what happened.

However, Telemundo 20 sent VUSD a request for a statement regarding the incident. Not only did the school district send a response, but Vista High School Principal David Jaffe also sent the community a notice last week of what happened. In it, he said Coach Bottom’s actions were regrettable and added that physical contact is not an acceptable form of discipline against students.

The letter read in part:

“Coach Bottom apologized to the student and then to his father after the game. I accept that the coach is genuinely sorry for this action but should be directed appropriately. Therefore, he will not participate in tonight's game or in training next Monday and Tuesday. He has accepted this decision with integrity and professionalism.”

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