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Video Captures Moments Before University City Pool Party Shooting

The video shows the celebration that would be interrupted by chaos and gunfire just moments later.

Video taken Sunday evening in the pool area of the La Jolla Crossroads apartment complex shows a crowd of approximately 25 people laughing and posing for photographs.

There are small groups of people sitting on lounge chairs with music quietly playing in the background. One man is walking around with a paper crown on his head.

Monique Clark is sitting along the edge of the group. Behind her, approximately 30 feet away, is a man sitting by himself in a lounge chair. A backpack is placed to the man's right on a patio table.

The video provided to NBC 7 by Haley Thames Tuesday shows the celebration that would be interrupted by chaos and gunfire moments later.

Those who ran for their lives spoke to members of the media Tuesday to describe the moments Pete Selis decided to shoot into the party crowd.

Selis, who was white, killed one woman and wounded seven more in the crowd of mostly black or Hispanic people.


Police investigators said Monday Selis had been despondent for days before the shooting because of a recent break-up.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said investigators have found "zero evidence" so far that the attack was motivated by race.

But people who were there feel differently.

“This was partially, to some in fact, a crime full of hate or a racially motivated crime," said Lauren Chapman, who can be seen on the video.

Clark, a mother of three, was fatally injured in the shooting.

The gunman, who had called the ex during the rampage, fired on responding officers. Zimmerman said one sergeant and two officers returned fire, striking and killing Selis at the scene.

Bullet holes in the pool gate and the stucco walls shows the intensity of the violence.


Chapman said that Selis did not target two white women immediately to his left, approximately 10 feet away. Instead, he starting firing shots at people 20 feet away. 

The video gives a sense of the size of the crowd and the proximity of many victims to Selis.

"At no point in time did it cross my mind that we weren’t targeted because of the group that we are," Chapman said. "At no point in time."

Homicide investigators said they are continuing to investigate the deadly incident. However, the chief said Monday, investigatoes have found "zero evidence" the violence was racially motivated.

[GALLERY] 1 Dead, 7 Injured in a Shooting at La Jolla Crossroads Apartment Complex

The group of friends also gave updates on their friends still in the hospital. One 24-year-old victim had just moved to San Diego two weeks ago. She was shot twice in her calves; post surgery, she is now recovering. 

Clark's family has set up a GoFundMe. To donate, click here. A GoFundMe has been set up for injured victims of the mass shooting. To donate, click here.


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