Vandals Slash Tires in Poway Neighborhood

The series of incidents happened Saturday morning on Wanesta Drive, Buckley and Morene Streets

Poway residents are fuming after discovering their cars were the targets of vandalism in a neighborhood in Poway.

Neighbors on a few streets near Community Road including Wanesta Drive, Buckley and Morene Streets woke up early Saturday morning to find their tires slashed overnight.

Joe Ott said his girlfriend’s car was one of the targeted vehicles.

“Got a couple puncture wounds, quick knife stabs right here, yeah not a good way to spend a weekend,” Ott said while he was changing a tire.

A few doors down on Morene Street, his neighbor's van was also hit.

At least eight other cars were vandalized, Kayla Stewart wrote on Facebook. She said the damages for her car will cost about $1,500 to repair.

“They took the knife, sliced the bumper, kind of went like this all casually, all the way to the front light, and came right here and did four stabs to the tire,” Stewart said.

Surveillance cameras set up by resident Toni Whitley captured images of the suspects around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. She said she believes they are a group of four teenagers.

“I would like parents to be more aware of where their kids are at 2 o'clock in the morning,” Whitley said.

Neighbors hoped to spread the word of the vandals on social media. If anything, they said this series of incidents has united them.

“I do think we look out for one another and I think we are concerned,” Whitley added.

If you have any information, please contact the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

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