City's 4th Pedestrian Death on “Most Dangerous” Road

A fourth pedestrian death along San Diego City streets this year has one local organization calling out to the city administration for help.

The latest accident happened Saturday evening when a man was killed crossing University Avenue at 47th Street.

Circulate San Diego advocates for safer streets and transportation. The group considers the intersection where Saturday's incident took place the most dangerous section of road in the city.

Those who live around here would most certainly agree.

“When they have children they don't even stop. They just keep going. They don't even care if a kid gets run over or not,” resident Anna Martinez said.

Police say Saturday night a man pulling a cart was killed trying to cross there.

There is no stoplight, nor obvious crosswalk.

Residents of the area say traffic is heavy and often moving faster than the posted speed limit.

This fourth fatality in as many weeks doubles last year's per month average.

Circulate for San Diego says this one corridor accounts for 10 percent of all pedestrian injuries in San Diego.

One year ago this Thursday will be the anniversary of Kurtis Vorrhes' death .

Vorrhes was killed by a hit-and-run driver crossing University Avenue at Vermont street.

His partner Rudy Delgado returns to the corner monthly with a sign, hoping to bring the driver to justice and draw attention to the dangers along this road.

“I can't wait to actually move on from this place because you know what - when you have 16 years of your best friend and the person you worked with and you wake up and you just don't talk to them anymore and you don't see them,” Delgado said with tears in his eyes.

Circulate San Diego has come up with a strategy called "Vision Zero" with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths in San Diego by 2025.

The plan calls for safety improvements along five key corridors including University Avenue.

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