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Two European Airlines to Offer Non-Stop Flights Directly to San Diego

These non-stop flights are a dream come true for many San Diegans, as well as a boost to the local tourism economy.

Flying to Europe this summer just got easier, with two European airlines now offering non-stop flights directly from Germany and Switzerland to San Diego.

Last week, Condor Airlines just started direct flights from Frankfurt, Germany to San Diego. Next month, Edelweiss Airlines will also begin non-stop flights between Zurich, Switzerland and San Diego.

Until now, there was only one non-stop flight available from San Diego to Europe through British Airlines, that went straight to London.

Travelers will enjoy smoother travel experiences, and these new flights may also bring a big boost to the local economy.

"The value of a traveler who is coming overseas can be $4,000 in terms of their per trip spending, and that's compared to a U.S. traveler which is maybe $500," said Kerri Kapich, Chief Operating Officer for the San Diego Tourism Authority.

German travelers are some of the most popular visitors who come to San Diego. The European country is considered San Diego's second largest overseas market for tourism.

Starting in June, Edelweiss Airlines will have non-stop flights from Zurich, Switzerland to San Diego. Along with a tourism boost, this flight will help the local economy to develop new business connections.

"Switzerland is a great community for San Diego. There is a lot of business and commerce that goes back and forth with our biotech industry," said Kapich.

With these direct flights, San Diego's international reach has clearly expanded.

“They [Europeans] have been to Los Angeles; they have been to San Francisco. But San Diego is a bit of a newer place for them and when you think of a great beach city like a Miami – San Diego is really that for the West coast,” explained Kapich.

Both airlines will offer their direct flights twice a week. Condor Airlines will also offer flights three times a week to San Diego during July and August.

It's a dream come true for San Diegans searching for a more efficient, convenient trip abroad, without any hectic flight exchanges.

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