Troublesome Sunset Cliffs Cave Demolished

A local Ocean Beach cave that has been a source of frustration among residents for the last several months was demolished Monday. 

A contractor hired by the City of San Diego set up a perimeter before begining to hammer away at the cave at 8 a.m. Monday. By noon, it was knocked down. The cave sits at the end of a dead end road off of Orchard and Cable Street. 

In the past, the cave has been known to shelter homeless people and residents have said the surrounding area is constantly covered with trash. The area has attracted illegal activity, resident say. 

“Nothing good was coming of the cave. Let’s just put it that way,” said Patrick Murphy, a resident who lives nearby. “They just don’t look like good people that you would want around your house,” he said of the people who frequent the cave.

Once the shell of the cave was collapsed, Councilmember Lorie Zapf said she was happy to see it was gone. 

“The Orchard Street Cave presented a quality of life issue for many of my constituents in the community of Ocean Beach. We received reports of illegal activity including drug use and illegal lodging rendering the cave unsafe," said Councilmember Lorie Zapf in a statement. "My office worked extensively with the San Diego Police Department and the Mayor’s staff to have this cave demolished at the soonest possible date. I am happy to see that day is today.”

A man living in the caves spoke to NBC7 anonymously. He said he didn’t think he’d been doing anything wrong.

“A lot of us are really respectful of the area. We don’t want to cause any problems.”

Murphy said he’s relieved after months of trying to get the City’s attention they’re finally doing something about it.

“It’s good. Hopefully we just get less of the traffic and less people and get back to the neighborhood feel this place is really all about,” Murphy said.

The demolition should cost the City around $35,000.

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