Cyclist Tries to Beat Trolley, Gets Hit: Police

A cyclist trying to race ahead of a La Mesa trolley was struck by it Tuesday, police say.

Witnesses told La Mesa Police the man rode his bike between the warning arms as they lowered in front of the trolley tracks around 12:40 p.m. at Spring Street and University Avenue.

However, the cyclist did not make it across the rails in time and was hit by an oncoming trolley.

The man was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital for a serious leg injury, according to La Mesa Police Lt. Angela Desarro.

She had a warning for others who may try the stunt.

"Obey the trolley arms. Obey the trolley signals. Don't try to beat the trolley. It's not worth it," said Desarro.

The trolley's Orange Line was stopped between Spring Street and Grossmont for about 90 minutes, MTS said on Twitter. A substitute bus ran between those stations to keep passengers moving.

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