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Tree Trimmer's Leg Crushed While 50 Feet Up, Co-Worker Jumps Into Action

A tree trimmer rescued his co-worker Wednesday who became trapped by a large branch 50-feet up while servicing a tree in Chula Vista. 

The heavy tree branch swung down and wrapped around the tree, immobilizing the worker and crushing his leg, according to Chula Vista Fire Department spokesperson Richard Brocchini said. 

"He was trapped significantly, enough where he couldn’t move at all," Brocchini said. 

Luckily, the tree trimming company ensures one of their crew members is trained in rescue operations. Before CVFD arrived, the rescue worker had already jumped into action.  

"As I arrived, I saw the rescue tree trimmer starting to climb up and help effect a rescue his co-worker and he was doing a great job at it," Brocchini said. "It was very effective." 

The tree trimmer's leg was broken but the rescue worker was able to cut around the tree branch to free him without injuring him further.

CVFD supported the rescue effort and lowered the hurt man to safety before transporting him to Scripps Mercy Hospital. 

Brocchini praised the quick action of the rescue tree trimmer and said the incident should be a cautionary tale to those who want to attempt yard work like this on their own. 

"Know what you're doing when you're out there working on your trees so you don't end up with something like this situation happening to you." 

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