Tree Lights to Help Revitalize C Street

Who knew a string of lights could serve so many purposes? 

The Downtown San Diego Partnership is asking for your help lighting up the trees along C Street to both beautify the area and add a sense of safety for pedestrians.

The organization is raising money to string lights through the branches bordering both sides of the road, where the trolley runs.

The C Street corridor is in dire need of revitalization, the partnership says, so they want to relieve at least part of the darkness.

The effort is part of an ongoing project that began in April. So far, the partnership has illuminated trees in 400 locations across downtown.

The plan was so successful, businesses started requesting that their areas be brightened with the year-round Christmas lights.

According to the Downtown San Diego Partnership, a review of civic lighting studies in the U.S. and U.K. found that crime dropped 21 percent in areas that got better street lighting.

On Wednesday, the group also partnered with the Local – a bar that sits on C Street and Fourth Avenue – to hold a fundraiser to continue the effort. The organization will also be accepting donations on its website.

Leaders say their goal is to one day have tree lights on every downtown street.

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