Top Defensive Prospects for the Chargers

If the Chargers address their Defensive Needs, Here is who they should Draft

In the Rubix’s cube that is the NFL draft there are several scenarios for the Chargers with the 3rd overall pick. Assuming they don't trade down, it looks likes like the Bolts may be leaning towards a defensive guy. We're breaking down a few prospects from our wish list and we'll start with a young man out of Florida State who in my opinion is one of, if not the strongest DB's in this deep defensive draft.

 While I still believe the priority should be the offensive line, the Chargers still have needs to address on defense as well. With Eric Weddle now out of the Chargers' picture, the Bolts have a unique hole to fill. Jalen Ramsey out of FSU is similar to Weddle in terms of style of play but is a much bigger guy who can still run around and make plays while adding that competitive grit. Plus he can easily play cornerback or safety. Ramsey is a player who can add value on field in year one and is a good investment in the long term.

Another prospect that could help improve the Bolts defense is DeForest Buckner. The defensive end out of Oregon is a force to be reckoned with. I mean just look at the guy! At 6’7” and 281lbs he can move offensive lineman around like it’s no big deal. With his wingspan and the biggest hands in NFL Combine history (11 ¾ inches), he has defensive coordinators around the league salivating. When you couple his strength and natural athletic ability, it’s enough to give his opponents many sleepless nights.

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